Saturday, 16 April 2011

only you

dress: jones and jones @ topshop
clutch purse: accessorize
hair flower: h&m
lips: lady danger lipstick by mac with fashion icon gloss by rimmel

Last night was the big day, that my friends and I have been waiting for for months on end! And it couldn't have gone any more perfectly. My beautiful best friend Emma (the one in the white, duh) tied the knot with her fiance Dan, and she looked absolutely amazing! I welled up as soon as I saw her coming down the isle, and felt so proud! I cant believe she's now a young wife but it's so lovely to see her so happy, and I wish them all the luck and love in the whole world. The title of this post, Only You was the song they had their first dance to, all the music throughout the day had a film theme. The day involved lots of rose wine, lots of clapping and a bloody amazing buffet. I loves me a good wedding spread.

This is the outfit I went for in the end, I really love the dress. It's VERY tight around my torso haha but i just took very small breaths all day and just about managed to get away with it. My hair was a bit of a disaster because I didn't have time to leave my rollers in for long enough for my super thick super long hair, but never mind hey!

In other news, tomorrow I'm going to Sean's Grandad's birthday meal. It's really posh and I'm a bit scared because I think I'm the only non-family member not going, which is a bit intimidating! I'm sure it will be lovely though. Aswell as that, it's my birthday a week today! I have the same birthday as Sean so we're doing a joint night out, along with his best friend who is the day after, so it should be amazing! I have the most awesome dress ever for it, which I'll post soon :)

I'm off to watch Russell Brand on Piers Morgan, eat easter egg and catch up on blogs! Leave me a comment if you want me to check yours out :) How is everybody? I'm really going to try and get back into this properly, since I left university for Easter I've lost all meaning and structure to my life!

Talk to you soon :) xxx


  1. your dress is absolutely gorgeous! and you look really pretty.
    congrats to your best friend on getting married!
    my best friend is engaged, so i can't wait til the wedding!
    hope you had a good time at the wedding , which seems like you did! :)

    oh and the flower in your hair is such a perfect finishing touch for your outfit!

  2. That's a lovely dress m'dear :)
    And now you've made me want an easter egg!
    Have a nice day xxx

  3. Awww you look so pretty! Love the fact you put a matching flower in your hair :) I know what you mean when you said you welled up when you saw your friend (the bride) - I was a emotional wreck when I went to my best friend's wedding and they were exchanging vows! x x

  4. You look so beautiful in these photos! I love your dress, it's simply gorgeous and it looks perfect on you! Xx

  5. Gorgeous dress, you all look very pretty in that photo.