Saturday, 26 March 2011

fast car

shirt: american apparel
shorts: topshop
bow brooch: primark
ring: h&m
nail varnish: models own 'magenta pearl'
Need to stop wearing shorts...

Today's been so odd. I stayed over at a friends house last night and she was up super early for work, so I got up with her and headed straight into town at 9am to run some errands (including unblocking my debit card which I managed to block last night, doh). By 10am, I'd done everything I'd aimed to do with today, which is just unheard of for me, as I'm usually still staring at my to-do list at 2am. 

Just a quick note to let people know that I saw a great deal in New Look today, where you can pick up two pairs of cute summer espadrilles for £10. I used my student discount on top of that to get them for just £8.60ish, I was chuffed with such a great deal when I'd been considering buying one pair from ASOS for £12! Just shows you it pays to shop around. I picked up:

Hoping I get to go to Sean's tonight but I've been replaced by a psychology project this weekend, woe is me. If not it shall be me, a curry and a Harry Potter film I expect.

Hope everybodys all good! xxxxxxx


  1. I've done that got up early with a friend, gone into town to a coffee shop and watched the world go by. It's so different really early on a morning, everyone is drinking coffee.