Tuesday, 15 March 2011

ride a white swan

top: new look
shorts: urban outfitters
locket: this charming girl
ring: topshop

Hello everybody, hope everyones had a swell day, I certainly did! I had a little school trip ('educational university visit') to the British Library today to see an exhibition about how literature has developed since  the middle ages. It was actually really interesting and I geeked out a little bit over some of the exhibits like the super old manuscripts of Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales. I did however spend the majority of the time messing around with my friend on the interactive machines. I also bagged myself some ace Shakespeare postcards to put on my wall, all in all an excellent morning!

Just a little outfit post. This'll be the new format for them from now on. I've finally found a place in my room to balance my rubbish camera so I can take proper photographs rather than awful outstretched-arm-style shots which is very good news. It's really not a very good outfit today because Tuesday's are my busy lecture day so I usually look like a massive slob for them. The top is cute though, I bought it at the weekend for just £6, the colour is slightly more peachy in real life, it's sweet! Also the necklace is one of my favourites, which my brother got me for christmas. It's a real locket which you can put tiny photos in, which I need to get round to doing actually...

I'm going through a bit of a wardrobe crisis at the moment. I'm not sure whether its the change in season or the fact I'm really unhappy with my body shape, but I just hate every item of clothing that I own recently. A couple of days ago I managed to get hold of two of the famous Groupon ASOS vouchers, which were priced at £9 to get you £20 of ASOS credit. I'm going to do a post this week about what I choose to get to try and boost my S/S 11 wardrobe.

Tonight I'm spending my evening reading Utopia and The Tempest whilst listening to T Rex (hence the title), w00o0o0o! I can hardly control my excitement...

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  1. I know what you mean... every time I go out, I become increasingly unhappy with what's in my wardrobe. "I have nothing to wear!" seems to be a common thing I say now - really want to update my wardrobe and get some new bits and bobs :)

    Love your necklace! I have a similar one that I got in the Accessorize January sale x x