Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Best of MAC A/W 2011

Unfortunately, it always seems to be the way that London Fashion Week clashes with my reading week, where I get to go back home to the Wirral in order to 'catch up with work' (otherwise known as get very drunk with my Liverpool amigos), and this year was no exception. As a rule, Im really not that interested in the concept of designer. Dont get me wrong, I would never turn down a Mulberry bag if it was on the cards, but I wouldnt go out of my way to get the high end labels, Im much more of a high street girl, (as you'll soon see when I get round to posting some looks). So of course, the first week I get back to the big smoke, I am always super keen to find out whats been going on, what looked amazing and naturally, what I can attempt to recreate. 
My main point of research when I returned was infact the most divine male model I've ever seen in my life, Douglas Booth. 
I die. The slight issue is that he's only 17, which does makes me feel slightly disgusting, but not quite enough for me to be put off from marrying him.

HOWEVER, as much as I would love to write a blogpost about this fine specimen, Im not sure that me spazzing out would be all that great a read. So instead, I thought Id share with you my favourites of the MAC catwalk looks (and the most day-to-day wearable looks), and what it is I love so much about them.

Apparently inspired by "tweed and grannies" (loves it) the makeup was created to provide a contrast to this rather odd idea. The skin is meant to look polished like a mannequin, and the lips completely flawless. Now, I am the biggest red lip fan. I think anyone can pull it off if given the right colour, to look classy even if you're in your overalls. I think this look is totally wearable if the contouring is toned done just a little. The shade used for the models was everyones favourite, Ruby Woo, accompanied with MAC Pro Lipmix in ‘Crimson’, ‘Fuchsia’, ‘Burgundy’, and ‘White’, and a subtle coat of MAC Clear Lip Glass in just the center of the lips.

This is possibly my favourite of the lot; boyish, clean, natural and just beautiful (providing you're lucky enough to have the skin to pull it off I suppose) The idea was simply to make it look dramatic with as little makeup as possible, and they really pulled it off. The new MAC Sculpting Cream (dying to get my hands on this) is all thats used on the eyes, along with clear brow gel, a very sheer foundation set with finishing powder, and finally this to-die-for shade of lipstick in 'Creative Energy'. AMAZING. 

It's very similar to this Richard Nicoll face chart, which has basically identical eyes, but choses to give slightly more structure, shape and contour to the face with the multi purpose Sculpting Cream (out A/W 2011)
3. RICHARD NICOLL - Structure

Finally, considering how neutral and everyday the previous looks have been, this one might look slightly startling!
I told you! That was my first impression too, 'Oh good god'. HOWEVER, if you look at the makeup in reality on one of the catwalk models...
It's actually super cute and pretty! Obviously if you were to try and wear this down the highstreet you might get some funny looks, and so its probably best to tone it down ever so slightly! I also love the very neutral eyes in this, which has been acheived with Espresso, Shag, Quarry and Frozen dabbed into the inner corners of the eye. The blush used for the cheeks is Dollymix, which is a shade I've been very keen to pick up for myself ever since seeing it used in a Pixiwoo look on Youtube.

Hope this has given a bit of inspiration, thank you for reading!

Lucy xxx


  1. I love the HOH make up. I really want to try an extreme red lip but I'm scared of the colour because against my pale skin it looks pretty extreme. I totally agree with the VW make up. on paper is looks pretty mental but IRL it's a lot softer and dream like =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. you shouldnt be worried to experiment with a red lip! im super super pale, like almost transparent, and still love to wear one, i also find super hot pink like Impassioned by Mac works well :)

  3. You can't beat dossing on reading week. I have to say the whole time I lived in London I never went to fashion week. I'm a high street girl at heart too. Do you go to Queen Mary? I love red lips, if you have the right shade it's perfect on anyone.