Tuesday, 22 March 2011

heidi and audrina eat your heart out

top and shorts: both topshop

Today is a national strike day for lecturers and students against the cuts that the government are imposing for the arts subjects within university (BOOOOOOO!), so I've got the day off, I loves me a good strike!
Whilst I should currently be writing an essay, I'm lounging across my boyfriend's bed catching up on all my favourite blogs and listening to ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington podcasts whilst Sean is out at football, I'm so chilled out! 

This is the outfit I wore to see McFly last Saturday, except I wore my hair much much bigger and messier, with some messy tiny plaits dotted round it to really give a bohemian vibe. The title of this post comes from Tinie Tempah - Pass Out, which is an absolute tune, and was covered by McFly at the gig, amaze balls. After I'd travelled home for the gig I realised that because I am officially the worst packer in the world, I'd chosen to bring home a selection of my scruffiest and laziest clothes rather than anything suitable to actually wear for a nice evening, so I headed into Liverpool to see what I could find, and made a bee-line for Topshop. I love popping in there as I worked there for a good six months last year after I moved back home so it's always nice to catch up with people. Anyway I spotted these shorts on the website last week and immediately needed them, and as soon as I saw this vest in store I loved it. I really love the Navajo trend thats floating round at the moment and feel this print is just enough of it to add a cute twist to an otherwise super basic outfit. I really wanted some turquoise stone jewellery to wear with it but sadly I'm absolutely skint at the moment. Anyone else starting to seriously scrape the bottom of their student loan!?

It's a gorgeous day today and really feels like the first day of summer. Lovely stuff!
Also just a quick note to say thank you sooo much to the couple of blogs that have reccommended me this week, and the lovely comments people have been leaving. I'm chuffed that people are actually bothering to read LUCYBOOTS, let alone enjoying it!

Stay happy everybody xxxxxxxxx


  1. Love your outfit hun & your turquoise eyeshadow looks ace x

  2. Ohh I love your outfit, especially your top! Your eye makeup looks really pretty! Xx

  3. Great top! I really enjoyed reading that post :)


  4. Only two of our lecturers in the entire department were in today, we're all super stressed because deadlines are next week haha! Hope you had a nice day off ;) I love your top, it reminds me of Pacman?! So jealous you saw McFly hahahaha! xo

  5. Cute top and i love your hair :) I've just found your blog and at the risk of sounding like a stalker i can't help but notice your bathroom and the bits of your room i can see are very similar to mine :P you don't go to QMUL do you?
    Anyway love your blog, i'm following! x

  6. the shorts are so nice!

    check out my blog
    and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  7. yep i do haha freaky, i love that it was mainly the towel holder and door handle in the bathroom that gave it away :P
    I'm doing first year psychology, how about you? x

  8. Lucky you having the day off in this lovely weather.

  9. I almost bought this top the other day, wish i had now, looks great on you!

    cute blog, im now following :-)
    would love if you took a quick look at mine xx