Monday, 7 March 2011

A cry for hair help

Two posts in one night you lucky lucky people ;)
This one is actually a rather self indulgent post as I need some help! After being so determined to get the dip dyed hair I've craved for months on end, I went to some rather criminal lengths to get my hair as light as it needed to be after being sooo dark for sooo long. 
Well after some subtle lightening from my hairdresser, a medicated shampoo disaster, some very badly done home bleachings, and a super messy blonde hair colouring (let me tell you Nice n Easy is not so nice and easy), my hair has given up all its previous lustre and looks well and truly frazzled. See exhibit A;

Straw hair alert!

So the purpose of this blog is to call on all your expertise and ask if anyone knows some SUPER AMAZING conditioning products that will help me heal my dip dye back to perfect health. Does anyone have any tips for me, or any wonder products that have saved your blonde from death's door?

In other news, I am absolutely swamped with university work! Honestly, I thought I was busy last term, but now it's absolutely mental. Right now I'm meant to be writing a commentary on some awful medieval religious play, but obviously I'd much rather be blogging about the condition of my hair... #winning
Tomorrow, providing I get my essay done in time, I've got some really great new products that I've been extremely impressed with to write up. So until then, xxxx


  1. I'd totally recommend John Frieda's Root Awakening conditioner sweet, or Herbal Essences hair masque in the blue tub! Both amazing, my hair's taken a total battering since moving to the South Coast :p xxx

  2. the dip dye looks lovely :) but i understand your woes - my hair is always dry like from too much heat and straightening! i swear by aussie conditioners - the 3 minute miracle one is so good x

  3. Your hair looks lovely! :)
    And I like your top too!

    Try aussie 3 minute miracle - that always does the job :) xxx

  4. Hi there!
    What a lovely blog you have here!
    Lotts of good images and nice inspiration! Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know!

    Love from Stockholm... xoxo

  5. Your blog is fantastic. I love your hair. Seriously!

    I definitely agree with Charlotte & Hannah, 3 minute miracle is amazing! Also if you straighten it - use Chi Silk Infusion. It's amazing for protecting your hair + makes it super shiny and it smells yummy.


  6. cnt help u with the hair question but i love your top! well what i can see of it! haha