Thursday, 24 March 2011

california waiting

 crop top: topshop
shorts: levis reworked from urban outfitters

Sunny London is calling my name as I type this so this'll be a very quick post! I'm off on a walk to the beautiful Regents Park with my friends from uni today, it's going to take us about two hours to get there but it'll be worth it when we can chill in the sun with an ice cream as a well earned reward. It really is so sunny and lovely! I cant wait until it just gets a tiny bit warmer so I can brave the outside without tights for the first time of 2011! It's always a joyous day for every girl.

Picked up this top a while back now but seeing as its a pretty summery item, its been sat in my wardrobe waiting for the perfect day to wear it, and I decided that day was today! Shorts are the standard reworked Levis that I've lived in for two years now. Probably about time I invested in some new badboys. Speaking of which, after being inspired by some DIY posts on other blogs, I've sent off for a couple of customising bits to revamp some old pieces in my wardrobe, so I'll post about them when I get the chance to release my creative flow! 

Teamed this with my white low top converse seeing as I'm going walking from one side of London to the other! Also while I remember feel free to follow me on Twitter, I'm 100% addicted and constantly tweeting at the moment!

Have a lovely day everybody, hope the sun's shining for you! xxxxxx


  1. Aaah you're such a lucky gal, being in London for Uni! Our parks have all been cordoned off because of four assaults and a rape over the past two days, nice and cheerful(!) :/ Your eye make-up is so pretty, and I love your top (: Hope you had a lovely day in the sun. xx

  2. Shorts and a tee = the ultimate summer outfit! love it

  3. lovely eye make up!
    i'm also looking forward to ditching the tights for summer :)
    nice post x