Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Hi there, welcome, bonjourno, thanks for stumbling across my brand new blog! Welcome to LUCYBOOTS. I'll start off in the most politest of fashions, and introduce myself properly.

My name is Lucy Jane Wood, a 19 year old English Literature student, stemming from the Wirral near Liverpool, UK, but currently residing in east London for university. LUCYBOOTS is a nickname that my boyfriend gave me some time ago now, and I thought it'd make a catchy, quirky little title for my new undertaking. It came from my obsession with a pair of boots that Id craved for ages, and which he eventually bought for me :) Im still in love with them now! Im obsessed with makeup, Harry Potter, knitting and animals.

To be honest, as of now Im not 100% sure what this blog will actually entail. Im an avid reader of a vast selection of beauty, fashion, and other kitsch little internet blogs already, and this afternoon, rather than reading Shakespeare like I should be doing, I decided it was high time to unleash my own ideas on things Im interested in, on the blogging world. Im looking forward to sharing my style and ideas with you guys.

Today is January 13th. Its the year anniversary of an incident that occurred to me, which turned my world upside down for a brief while, and so as Im feeling pretty down today, I thought letting my creative juices flow might cheer me up a little.

As I mentioned earlier, I currently live in east London, in student halls on my university campus. I absolutely love it here, as I feel at the central hub of some of the most cutting edge fashion and art, and have started to absolutely thrive within it. The Wirral, where Im originally from, is a very different place, but I still love nothing more than being there (when all my friends are, otherwise its quite dull!) You will soon see though that living in London does nothing for my finances, as being so close to so many amazing shops has proved rather pricey.

Im dying to get involved in the blogging community, I think its fantastic, and a great way to pass the time, as well as share ideas. Im also hoping, now that I have my own blog, Ill be able to keep a better track on all the blogging gurus I follow!

Hello! :) I look forward to starting my blogging adventure.

Lucy xo


  1. Hey, stumbeld across your blog and looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Hey im just starting out too! Follow me and I will follow you. looking forward to more of your posts :)


  3. Oh what a darling little insight.

    Helen, X

  4. I really like your blog, this is a lovely introductory post type thingy x

    Natalie | Just a Thought