Friday, 20 January 2017

New COLAB Dry Shampoo: Paradise Fragrance

I’m generally a pretty hairy person, and while that does prove itself to be a pain in the arse a lot of the time, I am grateful for the fact that I’ve got a solid head of hair going on. Touch wood, I won’t be going bald any time soon, which is always a bit of a relief. This does however, mean that washing my hair is one of my least favourite activities in the world. I can’t wash my scalp properly, because my hair is so thick. It takes about twelve years to blow dry it properly, and even just blasting it with a hair dryer is a full on work out. 

For all of those reasons, I am a BIG dry shampoo kinda gal. Those ‘Third Day Hair’ days are quickly sorted out with a blast of that genius lazy-girl invention, and I’m yet to find a dry shampoo formula that sorts out my greasy-ass roots quite like COLAB.

So imagine my endless joy when a shiny can of the stuff landed on my doorstep this week, along with a bag full of flamingo-shaped jelly sweets. You can’t imagine the joy. There was too much of it.

There is a pretty good reason for the flamingos, btw. It’s a brand new fragrance for the brand, ‘Paradise’, and I’d go as far as to say it might be the best-smelling budget hair product I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Think coconut bras, tropical holidays, The Little Mermaid and errr.. maybe a flamingo, although I imagine they probably don’t smell so great. The actual ingredients - coconut, tonka bean (my fave) and exotic white flowers - all add up to the perfect mix of summer, suncreamy, sunshine goodness.

As well as smelling amazing and having the cutest packaging around, COLAB Paradise is still rocking the unrivalled, quick fix formula that I love so much, which manages to leave hair looking clean, effortless and fresh with literally ZERO white residue or grey cast. Ideal, really.

I can’t rave about this stuff enough. Whaddya reckon to the sound of COLAB Paradise? Gonna grab yourself one of the cute flamingo-print cans next time you’re in Superdrug? It’s only £1.73 at the moment, which is beyond bargainous. Lemme know in the comments below, or tweet me @lucyjanewood.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017


Happy New Year, pals! I hope it's shaping up to be a good one for you already, and that you've already broken every single one of the resolutions that you promised to stick to. Because, as I talked about in my last chatty video, you don't need 'em anyway - especially that one about eating less cheese. Sounds like a terrible idea if you ask me.

ANYWAY, I wanted to start 2017 on my YouTube channel with something pretty exciting. Yup, we got a giveaway up in here, and the stuff that I've been gathering together for the past few months has actually amounted to an awesome prize which I can't wait to package up and send off to one of you guys. I'm super grateful for all the love and support that you're endlessly sending my way, and figured that it was about time I gave back something a bit more than my endless ramblings and life crises.

So, fancy getting your hands on a whole load of Zoella Beauty, Too Faced, Soap and Glory, YSL and Yankee goodies? Check out this nifty little gadget below to find out all the ways that you can be entered into my giveaway. GOOD LUCK CHUMS.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ahh, and here's the video for you to watch if you've got no idea what I'm on about.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017


No, I’m not gonna sit and sing Jess Glynne’s pop anthem banger, sorry to disappoint you all so greatly when I know that’s what y’all came for. As much as I’d love to ('cos it's a tune), I actually want to talk about something that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, which I think will probably resonate a lot with you guys.

Like pretty much everyone else that you watch on YouTube, I was going to sit down and film my 2017 New Years Resolutions this week. Just off the top of my head right now, I can think of a list longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, of life-changing, self-improving, highly responsible things that I was going to promise to stick to this year that would change me for the better.

I was going to tell you that I want to save more money, because I’m too irresponsible with my spending habits and will never be able to afford any property at this rate. I was going to say that I’d push myself further and work harder than ever to achieve my career goals, because so far I’ve failed to hit any of them properly. And of course, I was totally going to lose about fifty stone, because that's just what girls do when January rolls around. Cool.

But then, when I wrote it all down and started to look at this huge list of life changing habits that I was setting out to do over twelve months, the alarm bells started ringing. Suddenly, the NY resolutions weren’t as full of positive vibes as I’d anticipated, and actually, it revealed itself to just be a very vulnerable list of my own insecurities.

Every part of my life that I felt was insignificant and wasn’t yet good enough and needed to be changed asap in one neat, colour coded list. Which, when you think about it like that, isn’t a particularly fun thing to share with 27,000 subscribers.

Anyone who watches my videos will know that I have about ten life criseses a day. Maybe ten an hour sometimes. And I’ve realised recently that the main reason for those endless breakdowns and hours of self-questioning and self-doubt, are down to one thing - the pressure that I’m constantly putting on myself. On. Myself.

It’s hard to figure out where this pressure has actually come from - no one’s expecting it of me, and no one else specifically is putting it onto me. It’s a thing that, thanks to one society-related reason or another, I’ve created in my own head to make myself question where I’m up to and where I’m heading with every single aspect of my life. And because there’s so much pressure in my own head, everything I’m questioning becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of failure. Basically.

It’s taken nearly 26 years to learn this very simple fact, but taking a step back when you feel like this is the best thing you can do. Look at the bigger picture, and you realise that all of this self doubt, and the nagging desire to improve every single part of your life - it all comes from comparison. Comparison IS THE WORST.

You compare yourself to your parents who, at your age, were married, settled with children, working steady jobs and living in a three bedroom house that they officially owned with their hard earned money. Meanwhile, in my life…

You compare yourself to your mates, who’re making a fortune in their very intelligent job, happily  engaged and residing with bae in a cute little flat that they’re splitting a mortage with in their steady, loving relationship, where all they do is make homemade soup and go on lovely holidays together. Meanwhile in my life…

You compare yourself to every single person you follow on social media. That blogger you’ve got on Instagram who did yoga at 5am in a pair of £90 leggings, before walking her pomeranian down the Kings Road in a pair of Louboutins that were hashtag spon. Meanwhile in my life…

But here’s the trick that I’m finally starting to learn as I grow up. Remember to take that step back and learn to consciously block out these outside influences that are making you feel better. I’m not saying delete the internet from your life, I’m just saying to keep it all in very separate boxes from your own life, and not merge the two together.

If you didn’t know a single thing about how anyone else is doing - financially, romantically, appearance-wise, would you be more satisfied with where you yourself are up to? If you were someone else and you met you, would you tell them that they’re stuck in a rut, not making enough money, carrying too much thigh weight and not using their time wisely enough? Or would you tell them that they were a good person, a good laugh who’s a good friend with good taste in socks and the kind of girl that you wanna hang out with?

Here’s the message that I’m trying to put across: don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself credit where credit’s due, and don’t frame your qualities as things that forever need improving. Remember that you have these qualities, and they’re already huge achievements in themselves. You’re funny. You’re a great friend to pals who you care about. You’re constantly working hard, and you always give everything a good go. You like sitting in ugly, fleecey pyjamas watching Bridget Jones on ITV2, and if you like spending your spare time doing that, you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

You have a job, or you’re learning and growing. You’re earning money, standing on your own two feet or working hard to make sure that you soon will be. And that in itself is SO GREAT. You’re doing great. Wherever you’re at, you’re doing great.

When something goes wrong, or you mess something up so spectacularly and significantly that you’re left wondering whether every single brain cell you own has internally combusted, don’t sit and stew in self loathing. Actually, what’s happened is that you’ve learned a lesson - so maybe that’s something which could be celebrated instead.

By all means, strive for your goals and your dreams - that’s super important for personal growth and development. But setting yourself unattainable goals or beating yourself up when they are attainable and you just don’t do them - this is when the goals and dreams turn into something negative, and you resent yourself even more for not achieving enough. It’s all about affirmations, not resolutions.

You don’t need to change, you shouldn’t feel obliged to change or feel obliged to improve - you’re already fab and strong and beautiful as you are. Just always be aware that you can keep growing and improving - if you consciously choose to rather than feel as though you have to.

You know what, it’s hard enough to get through every single day without hating yourself, when society is constantly telling you that you SHOULD hate yourself and want to change every single thing about yourself. So just remember that these changes aren’t obligatory, remember that you’re doing okay. We’re all doing okay, if not better than okay. And actually, okay is pretty good right now.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016


So far this year I'm feeling about as Christmassy as an old sock that's fallen down the back of the bed and become home to a tiny ancient spider. There's been a lot of extremely un-festive worry and stress on my mind, meaning that Santa has remained firmly in a soggy cardboard box in the loft along with all of the decorations.

But after a text from my mum this week admitting that she had zero idea of anything to get for me, I figured it was about time to pull my elf socks up and get a handle on my Ho Ho Ho. Or something.

Here's what I'm asking for this year - and yep, I will be whipping out a printed version of this list and checking it twice on Christmas Day to make sure I receive EVERY SINGLE THING. I'm being sarcastic. Obviously.

This is designed to serve as a bonus gift guide more than anything, for anyone out there who is as intrinsically crap at buying presents for people as I am. Fingers crossed you find something cute on here. Happy Crimbo pals.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016


I had a great time at school, which I know puts me in the minority of British human beings. Don't get me wrong, it was cripplingly stressful with outrageous academic pressure that crushed my pre-pubescent shoulders. And yep, it was sprinkled with bitches who were The Plastics personified, but overall I had a pretty great circles of friends, got great grades and had a blast for the majority of the time.

But despite all the great stuff that school did for me, I do also blame it for the small fact that I still to this day feel cripplingly awkward in social situations. I went to an all girls' school, so THERE YOU GO - that explains a few things about me, doesn't it?

I'm mid-20s now and still have absolutely no real idea how to talk to the opposite sex, but as well as that, here's a whole load of truths that you'll really only understand if you went to an all girls' school.

1. Sex stories that get spread around are 99.9% of the time not true. Especially ones involving poo and blood. There was one that went around my sixth form common room about a girl who'd bled over someone's new white leather couch one. Almost certainly not true, was it?

2. It's scientifically possible to have a period once a week when PE lessons are concerned. "Arrrr sorry miss, I've got really bad cramps so I don't want to get hit by the netball." "Oh miss, I'm really heavy this month so I just don't want to get left in a really awkward situation during lacrosse."

3. There's absolutely no shame in pulling your tights up in public. Same goes for adjusting bras and pulling out wedgies.

4. The matching boys school was a bit like Mordor. A truly terrifying and unchartered land full of weird creatures that smell like Lynx and had really weird hair.

5. Any tampons or pads that you carry in your bag are communally available. You buy a box of tampons, you're actually just investing in them for your friends.  "Anyone got a tampon?" "Yeah but they're not applicator ones." "Oh that's fine, tah."

6. Regina George is very much real. And you will fear her unconditionally every single day until you leave school. But then you'll forget who the eff she even was and she'll disappear into obscurity hoorah.

7. Nothing is sacred or secret amongst a large group of females. Every single detail of your love life is there to be shared. "Did you do anything?" is the most commonly asked question. Your deepest, darkest secrets will be revealed - and then hideously embellished into something so bizarre that you don't even know how this giant game of Chinese Whispers could possibly become so weird, but people will forget about them by next week.

8. "ERM, LADIES" was a sign that you'd managed to really piss off your teacher. 'Girls' when you're in slightly less trouble.

9. Girls can be just as disgusting as boys, if not even more disgusting. Detailed sex discussion, detailed poo discussion, detailed weird body problems discussion. Every day. Mostly at lunch.

10. You've never seen hysteria until the day of the BCG/HPV vaccine. People fainting, screaming and crying in the corridors, swearing it's the biggest needle they've ever seen. It's utter chaos.

11. You don't ever really need to shave your legs unless it's a really special occasion. The rule is that if your leg hair is sticking through your tights, it might be time to shave. But even then, probs not. Maybe ask your friend to feel it and see what she thinks.

12. You will have been called a lesbian at least once in your life. Accurate for some, stereotype for others.

13. You were forever campaigning for the right to wear trousers. WHAT YEAR DO WE LIVE IN, MISS? But then you realised that actually, those trousers wouldn't be flattering skinny jeans - they were actually ugly af suit trousers and then you suddenly weren't so bothered.

14. Gender norms were basically scrapped from the first day of Year 7. All the people in charge of things were girls, all the crazy geniuses in maths and science: girls, all the fearsome debaters and lead roles in plays: all the ones getting into regular fights and swearing their heads off were girls, all the people sitting at the back of class making fart noises: girls. GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.

15. People talking about you hurts more than a physical fight. And slut, bitch, slag etc. are NOT cool insults to use against a female human - no one knows that more than girls who've been to an all girls school and heard it used about each other.

16. The 'no distractions' stuff about having no boys around is BS. Well, not everyone fancies boys for one. Plus, there's also snacks, lunchtime options, general life stress and the rest of the world to discuss during the middle of a French lesson. Boys are the least interesting distraction of the lot, really.

17. All intense conversations were to be had in the weird back toilets were no-one ever went. No weeing, just crying and discussing.

18. Bobbles are precious currency that must be shared with loved ones in times of need. Same goes for kirby grips.

19. It bonds you to your gal pals for life. Because only they understand your true, deep rooted awkwardness, and all the aforementioned weird stuff you do. Yay girls.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Being A Smaller YouTuber

Being a smaller YouTuber can be more bitter sweet than a load of lemons rammed between a handful of newborn waistcoat-wearing kittens. On the one hand, the tight-knit, supportive community is amazing, you have the freedom to keep producing whatever content you fancy without the influence of sponsorship, and it gives you the ability to keep a genuine close relationship with your viewers. On the other hand, it gets really bloody annoying sometimes.

The thing I get most frustrated about is the want to create the best video content I can, edit them well, write meaningful blog posts and up my Insta game - all while having to work a full time job along the way to earn some money. Sometimes it feels IMPOSSIBLE - like real life is against any possibility of letting your creativity shine, or the chance to open up new opportunities for yourself. Sigh.

Anyway, I've had a chat the thoughts and feels that come with being branded as a 'smaller YouTuber'. Get stuck in with the video below, and let me know whether you agree or disagree with it all.

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